About Me

Hi, I am Talya.  

The first thing couples always want to know about me

is how long I have been photographing weddings.

They liked to be reassured that they are hiring a professional.  I always tell them that I am 37 years old

and have been taking pictures since I was twenty.

 During film school I photographed my first wedding

in Israel and fell in love with it

and I have been doing it ever since,

so seven years already.  

I am really lucky that I get to do what I love.


I love everything about photography. I love the cameras, the lenses, the composition, and the lighting. I love shooting at different locations, capturing the atmosphere, but most of all, I love photographing people.


I love to be able to capture just that right moment, the right feeling, the beauty that comes from every single person and place.


This is why when people ask me what kind of photography do I do, I tell them everything; Weddings Photography, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Photography, Brits, Birthday Parties, Pregnant Women, Public Relations, Sports Photography, Studio, Head-shots, Promotional Videos, Henas, and of course just taking pictures for fun.


The staff of photographers, videographers, editors,

and designers working with me all share

in the same passion as I.